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At the time of writing there were no graphite packages for Debian so
installations had to be done from sources. This module isn't much more than a
bunch of execs wrapping the manual installation process.

I created this module to use the web interface against a collectd/rrd
installation so I've only dealt with graphite-web and whisper, there's no
support for carbon at this time.

There is also a "patches" directory that ships a diff to make the rrd support
working. The class could be improved to support different patches that can be
selectively picked by the user.

Credit to vvuksan for his graphite-ganglia puppet manifest that got me started.

To use it just:
  Exec { path => "/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/sbin" }

  include graphite::buildenv
  include graphite::whisper
  include graphite::web

Variables of what is installed and where is defined in graphite::params

Some stuff that certainly eneds work
- put revision to install was in a configurable variable
- all parameters could be overridden with user variables
- fiddle with the django settings to use different databases and set other options
- manage apache/webserver vhost in a decent way
- figure out how to make the sqlite initialization unattended