NaNoGenMo 2017 entry: an abstract description generator
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Formations is a parody of two parallel strands of twentieth-century literature: the tendency in the French nouveau roman towards precise, bloodless, geometrical descriptions of the everyday world, and that style of science fiction writing which uses abstract language in an attempt to convey alien or futuristic impossibilities. The apotheosis of the latter, with possibly some influence from the former, are the descriptions of the living planetary ocean in the original Polish-to-French-to-English translation of Stanislaw Lem's Solaris.

I didn't do anything technically innovative for Formations, I knocked it up fast using my half-baked Haskell library for text generators, TextGen. And the grammar is pretty shaky, as I had to use some really dodgy kludges to get verb inflection working. (This is why there's a function called "binflect".) But it's given me some ideas on how to upgrade TextGen so that it can do that better.

Formations v 0.12