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Holiday hacks

Python scripts to drive a set of Holiday LED lights using the Secret API.

See for the Python library (

For these to work, your Holiday needs to be on your local wifi, and its IP address should be passed to the script as a command-line argument. eg:

Basic colour-pattern chaser


New-ish and badly documented and factored code for 1-D cellular automata. The script to run is cellular/ $IP

Flashes of colour

Adds a red, green and blue waveform to give a pleasant, ever-changing, never-quite-repeating rainbow

The nerdiest lights - visualisations of four different sort algorithms operating on randomly-generated and shuffled colour gradients

Displays the current time as a hex-colour triplet, after this website

VERY BETA and naive network activity visualiser. This requires the pycapy and impacket packet sniffing libraries, has to be run as root, ignores IP6 packets and should not be used by anyone.

Provides two classes, Pulse (a string of colours with velocity and position) and Pulser (a Thread which accepts new Pulses on a queue and animates them on the lights).

This is used to visualise packets in but is intended to be a general-purpose-visualise-things-as-pulses tool.

If it's run from the command line like the other scripts, goes into a test mode which generates random pulses.