A fast AS3 object pooling utility
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LoanShark is a flexible and high-performance object pooling utility, written in AS3. It is battle-hardened, fully unit tested and actively maintained.

How to use it

Especially useful with custom classes that are heavy to construct, simply instaniate a LoanShark instance, passing in your class of choice. You can then borrowObject and returnObject at will, the LoanShark will manage the reuse and allocation of objects in an efficient manner - making lighter work for your garbage collector:

import org.kissmyas.utils.loanshark.LoanShark;

var pool:LoanShark = new LoanShark(SomeClass);
var someInstance:SomeClass = pool.borrowObject();

A bunch of other options are available. Just check out the code to find out how to do:

  • Pool size pre-allocation
  • Pruning the pool of unused objects and flushing the pool of all objects
  • Adding reset and dispose method calls on pooled objects
  • Maximum pool wastage prune triggering
  • Listening for events from the pool
  • Exception triggers with strict mode


  • Create a pool of Bitmaps, which all wrap the same BitmapData, by default
// Given any BitmapData
var bitmapData:BitmapData;

// Create a pool a Bitmap objects, with 'bitmapData' as the default init object
var pool:LoanShark = new LoanShark(Bitmap, false, 0, 0, bitmapData);

// You can get as many Bitmaps from the pool as necessary
var bitmap:Bitmap = pool.borrowObject();

// When done with it, recycle it back into the pool