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This project contains the Job-Runner dashboard and admin interface to manage and view the current status of scheduled jobs.

For the full documentation see docs/.



  • Add option in dashboard to kill job-runs.
  • Fix time-zone in failed-run e-mail template (will now use the time-zone configured in the Django config).


  • Disable the job when it failed more than x times (optional setting).


  • Make it possible to disable the enqueue of a project, worker or job-template.


  • Display parent - child relationships in job details.
  • Fix an other issue with the run broadcaster to make sure it doesn't broadcast multiple runs for the same job.
  • Fix styling glitches by adding a boot.css which is used as long the .less files aren't compiled yet.


  • Fix run broadcaster so that it doesn't send runs to the workers when there is still an other run for the same job active (in queue or started).
  • Fix autoselect environment settings.
  • Update hostnames in configuration.


  • Add filters to limit the number of displayed jobs.
  • Add status icon to display if there is a connection with the WebSocket server
  • Add option for monthly re-scheduling Note: monthly re-scheduling works by incrementing the dts with the number of days that are in the dts. When incrementing by multiple months, it will check the days for each month.


  • Add description fields to projects, workers, job-templates and jobs
  • Add TransactionMiddleware
  • Fix rescheduling when two runs are active of the same job


  • Add MySQL to requirements.txt (since the python install is creating a zipped .egg which doesn't work when the user does not have a homedir (or when the homedir is not executable).


  • Show job details in a column instead of a modal
  • Show last 100 runs of a job incl. duration graph
  • Fix AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS setting for staging and production (without ModelBackend included, permissions are not working!)
  • A job-title must now be unique per job-template
  • Show re-schedule interval in job details


  • Fix dependencies in (was not using the development version from GitHub).


  • Run and job details are made deeplinkable
  • Runs and jobs that are suspended are greyed-out


  • Fix size (height) of run / job headers
  • Fix order of run objects
  • Fix escaping of HTML characters in job script and log output
  • Enable timezone, all data is now presented (and expected to be) in the Europe/Amsterdam timezone
  • Order scheduled runs ascending (first to run on top)
  • Add option to schedule children or not, when manually scheduling runs


  • Deployar related changes.


  • Add job_runner.settings.env.production_longrun settings module for long running processes to avoid "cached" results.


  • Fix issue where filtering the groups would result in duplicated results.
  • Remove WebKit browser notifications, since it was breaking the front-end in Firefox.


  • Check that runs received from the WebSocket server are within the current active project.
  • Add WebKit browser notifications.


  • Major refactor: It is now possible to use Sheldon assigned groups when creating projects. Since basically all models are changed / renamed, it was not possible to migrate old data to the new structure. Therefore you should re-create the database!
  • Add broadcast_queue management command to publish enqueueable runs to the workers.


  • Add missing static-file and logging settings.


  • Add MySQL package as a requirement + update requirements in docs.
  • Make it possible to override production settings by creating /bigdisk/docs/DATA/job_runner/


  • Move Job-Runner code out of engportal project.
  • Add overview of jobs + scheduling.
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