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{require_otp_vsn, "R13B04|R14|R15"}.
{piqi_src, "", {git, "", {tag, "20120405_alavrik_dev"}}}
{erl_opts, [{d, 'PIQI_CROSS_PLATFORM'}]}.
% reset rebar's default C compilation and linkings settings as they don't work
% correctly for OCaml programs (e.g. on Mac v10.6.0), which are compiled as
% 64-bit by default and link with 64-bit OCaml libraries
{port_env, [{"CFLAGS", ""}, {"LDFLAGS", ""}]}.
{pre_hooks, [
{compile, "make/pre-hooks-compile"},
{compile, "make PIQI_APP_DIR=`pwd` -C src -f Makefile.piqi"}
{post_hooks, [
{'clean', "make -C src -f Makefile.piqi clean"},
{'clean', "rm -f src include"},
{'clean', "ln -s fake_src src"},
{compile, "cp $REBAR_DEPS_DIR/piqi_src/piqi-erlang/ebin/ ebin/"},
{'delete-deps', "rm -f src include"},
{'delete-deps', "ln -s fake_src src"}
% vim:ft=erlang
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