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cmd cmd/spillbox: 'users add' feature Mar 28, 2019
email msgcleaver: add DKIM Sign function Mar 29, 2019
html css: fix crash identified by fuzzing Feb 11, 2019
imap imapserver: some LIST hacks for Mar 26, 2019
smtp smtpclient: allow setting local hostname and send addr Mar 29, 2019
spilldb deliverer: DKIM sign outgoing messages Mar 29, 2019
testdata imap: initial import of IMAP server Feb 4, 2019
util throttle: report if throttled Mar 1, 2019 some rudimentary details Mar 20, 2019 is a new take on open source email infrastructure.

This repository contains the spilld SMTP and IMAP server, built around a new SQLite-based storage format, spillbox.

The project is very new.

The spilld server

The main binary is called spilld. The development version can be installed with go get:

go get -u

The spillbox storage format

NOTE: this is a pre-release, and the format is in flux. It may change in incompatible ways and no tool will be published to automatically migrate spillbox data until the project uses version numbers. Store precious data in spillbox at your own risk.

A lot of documentation will be coming in the next few weeks.

The spillbox tool

spillbox is a command-line tool for managing a spilldb database. The development version can be installed with go get:

go get -u

TODO: document


The code is licensed under the GPL. If the GPL does not suit your needs, alternate licenses are for sale at reasonable rates. The goal is not to make big $$$ out of licensing (ha!), but to make sure the project maintains focus on indie email servers, while not locking out anyone else who has a reasonable use for the project.

To that end, contributors need to sign a contributor license agreement.

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