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@spillerrec spillerrec released this May 9, 2020 · 19 commits to master since this release

This has been build with a new compile environment which contains up-to-date versions of dependencies, most importantly QT. You should do a clean update to avoid conflicts with old DLL files.
This build is without Waifu support.


  • Grayscale preview
  • Save images imported from video when saving alignment info
  • UI for creating synthetic slides for testing
  • Windows: show debug info when run in console (does not work with redirection)
  • Some improvements to alignment
  • WIP steam detection
  • Fixed broken super resolution code
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Jan 19, 2020


FIX: minor correction to super resolution estimation
CLEANUP: Special linker paths not required here with MSYS2

@spillerrec spillerrec released this Jul 5, 2019 · 52 commits to master since this release

Description coming later.

Build contains Waifu2x, but it probably will not work.

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@spillerrec spillerrec released this Sep 16, 2016 · 219 commits to master since this release

Preview release of the upcoming v0.4.0 release which contains a lot of updates to the interface.

New aligners:

  • Frame calculator, for manually specifying frame ids for an animation with a constant amount of repetitions each frame
  • Cluster animation - new WIP frame separation algorithm

Changes to renders:

  • Average render now contains skip and offset settings, which can be used for the decensoring technique
  • Static Difference now exposes its internal settings so you can modify them
  • Statistics render, which includes median, difference, min (previously dehumidifier), and max (new)
  • Estimator (new) for super-resolution
  • Jpeg estimator used for the "Minimizing JPEG artifacts" article
  • Alignment matrix used for visual debugging of the Cluster animation

Changes since v0.3.0:

  • New command-line interface OvermixCLI
  • Configuration for align and render methods now changes depending on the method
  • Spinboxes for X/Y, width/height can now be locked together
  • Lanczos scaling added, and you can choose between 3 types of cubic scaling.
  • WIP PatternRemove algorithm (CLI only)
  • Use QCustomPlot for nicer movement chart
  • AverageAligner, frame separator, and StatisticsRender can now be cancelled
  • Displays the amount of frames for animation
  • Slight improvement to interlace detection #68
  • Loading of 16-bit PNG images
  • deVlcImage function
  • Convert YCrCb images to RGB
  • Fixed incorrect linear scaling
  • Several bug fixes
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@spillerrec spillerrec released this Jun 6, 2015 · 457 commits to master since this release


  • Images can be loaded on startup by passing them as a command line parameters (CLI coming later)
  • Faster sRGB conversion
  • Speed improvements when using alpha masks
  • Improve result of Static Difference render by running multiple times
  • Added "files" tab which allows you to view the loaded images and manually change offset/frame
  • .dump files now support alpha channel
  • Added fullscreen viewing of the rendered image
  • "Use as mask" button allows you to set the current rendered image as an alpha mask, if it is a grayscale image
  • Save a stitch configuration (the images, offsets, frame, alpha mask, etc.) as a .xml.overmix file
  • Animated stitches are now shown animated in the viewer (can be a bit slow if the resolution is high)
  • Select sub-groups of the loaded images (manual grouping or a specific frame), and apply preprocessing/aligning/rendering to that sub-group
  • New render using the median pixel value instead of the average pixel value
  • Splitted the animation aligner, into a frame detector and frame aligners, and allow a aligner to be applied on each frame separately
  • Selecting Nearest neighbor or linear scaling in the drop-boxes now actually work (if any would really want to use them)
  • "View -> Display movement graph" shows a graph of the image offsets
  • Recursive aligner upscales as needed when doing sub-pixel aligning, reducing memory requirements significantly
  • Multi-threaded loading of images (progress bar currently do not work)
  • Animation are now rendered using all frames for areas consistent from frame to frame.
  • Super Resolution aligner and render, very much WIP and will likely crash or use all your memory
  • Various bug-fixes
  • Various speed improvements
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@spillerrec spillerrec released this Oct 9, 2014


  • Improvement in aligning speed
  • Fixes issues with the drawn image not being updated when redrawing with new settings
  • Several minor improvements/fixes to the GUI
  • Improves AnimatedAligner quite a bit, but still lacks a proper interface
  • Support saving images as .dump files, as well as supporting LZMA compression in those for both loading/saving.
  • Several fixes when dealing with YUV images
  • Remember window position, and directory for saving images
  • Fixes unicode handing when loading/saving files
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@spillerrec spillerrec released this Apr 11, 2014

First release of Overmix

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