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Randomly-generated magic item names for any tabletop RPG.
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  • generates a list of 20 random magic item names, using the files patterns.txt, concrete_noun.txt, title.txt, adjective.txt and abstract_noun.txt.
  • generates a single block of flavor for a magic item. Includes Creator/Intended User, Historic Details, Minor Properties and Quirks. Allows for rerolling. Relies on creators.txt, historicdetails.txt, minorproperties.txt and quirks.txt
  • essentially a combination of names and flavors. Rolls one item at a time, allows rerolling of names and flavors.


  • rewrite command structure. Instead of using numbered commands, try words (for instance "reroll name", "write-in history", "pick quirk", "remove properties")
  • some mention of power of the magic item
  • write-in the item's features. Do this in a quiz style, where the program asks "What does this item look like?", "After spending a short rest identifying this item, what does a character learn?", "After spending a short rest attuning to this item, how does the character's interaction with it change?"
  • refactor to use an object class instead of a dictionary


what's the purpose of this program? What are its use cases

  • Mid-session: To quickly come up with a believable, random magic item on the fly
  • Mid-session: To answer unexpected questions the player has about their new item
  • Pre-session: To fine-tune a magic item for a specific character
  • Post-session: To store items in a list, so that the DM can return to them later
  • Post-session: To export the list of magic items in CSV format (in case DM wants to store his list elsewhere)
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