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Microsoft Office 2007 on Win XP #6

timdiggins opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I've discovered that Microsoft Office 2007 on Win XP (at least, one I've seen...) gives a user agent that seems to be identical to IE 7...

So in my fork I've made a test & fix for this (timdiggins@0bfc37d), though it's likely to make IE7 present the blank page with meta-refrsh (does anyone care). Can create a pull request if you think this is generally useful.

Owner many different user agents!

Sounds reasonable, if anyone complains we can make this part configurable. Go ahead and make a PR if you want :)


Actually, I've discovered that it was something was matching IE11 user agent, so I'm now a bit nervous of using this gem at all (have backed out from it). I think I'd rather check for unauthorized and THEN match (and possibly just display a login page at that point). More change, but much safer. Will report back if/when I find out the user agent for IE11

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