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firewatch.camera API client for Node.js

Have you seen Firewatch? It's a really good game by Campo Santo and Panic. You should play it!

In the game, the protagonist, Henry, finds a disposable camera with 18 pictures left on the roll. You can take pictures of things you find in the world, and at the end you can upload them to firewatch.camera. They can be shared, downloaded, and—most interestingly—physically printed and mailed to you in a classic-style "Fotodome" envelope. I think that's pretty cool!

After uploading my own in-game camera roll, I wondered if this would work for any random image on my PC. For fun, I reverse engineered the Firewatch Camera API and put together this little tool and library as a demo.

firewatch.camera Screenshot

Please be polite to their servers, and of course you shouldn't use this for anything serious.


You'll need Node.js and npm.

For the command line tool:

$ npm install -g firewatch.camera

For the library:

$ npm install --save firewatch.camera


From the command line:

$ firewatch.camera photos/photo_01.jpg photos/photo_02.jpg photos/photo_03.jpg
Uploaded 1/3 photos
Uploaded 2/3 photos
Uploaded 3/3 photos

Done! Your photos are here:

As a library:

const fs = require('fs');
const firewatch = require('firewatch.camera');

// Up to 18 photos -- the number of photos left on Henry's disposable camera.
const photoFiles = [

// uploadCameraRoll accepts an array of streams or buffers of JPEG data.
const photoStreams = photoFiles.map(photo => fs.createReadStream(photo));

// If all goes well, you'll get back a URL like
// https://www.firewatch.camera/EvergreenBasinDrive/
firewatch.uploadCameraRoll(photoStreams, function (err, url) {
  if (err) {
  } else {
    console.log('Your photos are here:', url);

// Also exposed:
//  - firewatch.maxPhotoCount
//  - firewatch.TooManyPhotosError
//  - firewatch.FirewatchAPIError


License: BSD3

Firewatch is a trademark of Campo Santo.