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Kanban Board example application

This repository contains an example Spine project for working with a Kanban board.

Run locally



It is assumed that the terminal is opened in the project's root directory.

  1. Generate Java and JS code from Protobuf definitions:
./gradlew generateProto
./gradlew generateJsonParsers
  1. Launch Firebase Database emulator on the localhost:4000 and Firebase Emulator Suite UI on the localhost:9999:
docker compose --file web/local-dev/firebase-emulator.yml up --detach
  1. Launch the web server on the localhost:8080:
./gradlew :web:server:appRun

Please wait till the following message shows up in the terminal:

INFO   runs at:
INFO    http://localhost:8080/
  1. Open another terminal in the web/client-js and install packages required for the client application:
npm install
  1. Launch the client application on the localhost:8081:
npm run serve

Spine version

The Spine version used in the project is stored here.

Helpful materials

Spine Vue client setup

Here is the guide to set up a Spine Vue client.