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I suggest merging parent events and elements with the child ones in Spine controller.
Let me show you how it will work:

class ParentContoller extends Spine.Controller
    '.parent-1': 'el_1'
    '.parent-2': 'el_2'

class ChildController extends ParentContoller
    '.child-2': 'el_2'
    '.child-3': 'el_3'

child = new ChildController()

child.el_1 # => $('.parent-1') element
child.el_2 # => $('.child-2')  element
child.el_3 # => $('.child-3')  element

The same thing with the events.
Any suggestions?

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I think this is a good idea, I have ran into this before and always thought I should be able to have a base controller class I could extend from and inherit events/elements. Any chance you can write a test to go along with the pull request?

Also I think @constructor.prototype.__proto__ could be written as @constructor.__super__, just a little bit shorter?


@cengebretson thanks for the reply. Do you think that the usage of super is really a good idea? Cause I haven't found any occurrences if it the Spine code. But there is no way I suppose to get the accesstor of the class.

If it's ok I'll fix the super issue and cover that with the tests.


Added specs for this pull request

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@cengebretson cengebretson merged commit 78eee04 into spine:master Mar 25, 2013
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thanks for the pull request, very much appreciated.

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