read and write operations across cloud providers
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.github fix(docs): Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE contributing link (#1656) Jun 1, 2017
cats fix(cats): saner redis defaults (#2836) Aug 6, 2018
clouddriver-appengine fix(Instance): change health type to conatin Object (#2677) May 31, 2018
clouddriver-artifacts feat(artifacts): expose types supported by a given artifact credential ( Aug 13, 2018
clouddriver-aws fix(aws): Adding missing `@component` to `deregister image` converter ( Aug 10, 2018
clouddriver-azure feat(*): add includeDetails query parameter for serverGroups (#2588) May 2, 2018
clouddriver-cloudfoundry feat(provider/cf): add model and cache keys (#2875) Aug 16, 2018
clouddriver-consul feat(provider/openstack): consul enable/disable (#1612) May 2, 2017
clouddriver-core feat(core): give clouddriver the option to shutdown gracefully (#2882) Aug 16, 2018
clouddriver-dcos fix(provider/dcos): Check if Integer null before unboxing (#2715) Jun 18, 2018
clouddriver-docker feat(provider/docker): adding passwordCommand option for retrieving d… Aug 8, 2018
clouddriver-ecs feat(provider/ecs): Server group events endpoint (#2877) Aug 15, 2018
clouddriver-elasticsearch-aws fix(elasticsearch): Proactively cleanup indexes when in a bad state (#… Mar 7, 2018
clouddriver-elasticsearch feat(entitytags): Reconcile elastic search if entity tags don't exist ( Aug 9, 2018
clouddriver-eureka fix(web): fix getServerGroupsForIds method (#2853) Aug 9, 2018
clouddriver-google-common feat(provider/gcp): Add ability for default app creds to impersonate … ( Dec 20, 2017
clouddriver-google fix(google): Guard against null backend in disabled load balancer ch… Aug 2, 2018
clouddriver-kubernetes fix(provider/kubernetes): reduce crd lookups when none exist (#2886) Aug 17, 2018
clouddriver-openstack fix(provider/openstack): fix several issues in glance v2 support (#2787) Jul 26, 2018
clouddriver-oracle refactor(provider/oracle): oraclebmcs cloud driver is renamed to orac… Jun 13, 2018
clouddriver-security fix(dependencies): Remove AWS and Google modules from the clouddriver… Aug 1, 2018
clouddriver-titus fix(titus): actually ignore NOT_FOUND (#2839) Aug 7, 2018
clouddriver-web feat(core): give clouddriver the option to shutdown gracefully (#2882) Aug 16, 2018
gradle chore(loadtest): Removing loadtest module (#2775) Jul 13, 2018
halconfig feat(core): give clouddriver the option to shutdown gracefully (#2882) Aug 16, 2018
.clog.toml chore(changelog): Remove 'bc' keyword. (#1529) Mar 22, 2017
.editorconfig refactor Sep 1, 2015
.gitignore feat(search): add fallback query param to search (#1912) Sep 23, 2017
.travis.yml feat(titus): titus cloud provider Mar 26, 2018
AUTHORS feat(provider/dcos): Add initial scaffolding for DC/OS provider (#1636) Jun 7, 2017
Dockerfile feat(provider/kubernetes): adding heptio for seamless iam auth on aws ( Jul 18, 2018
Dockerfile.slim fix(core): Fix dependency in Dockerfile (#2883) Aug 16, 2018
LICENSE.txt gradle cleanup Jun 11, 2015 chore(build): add debug flag to clouddriver build (#2460) Mar 28, 2018
build.gradle chore(dependencies): spinnaker-dependencies 1.0.5 (#2831) Aug 1, 2018
cloudbuild-tagged.yaml chore(nightly build): Adds clouddriver-tagged.yaml for nightly builds ( Jul 10, 2017
cloudbuild.yaml chore(nightly build): Adds clouddriver-tagged.yaml for nightly builds ( Jul 10, 2017 feat(builds): Introduces ability to only build specific cloud provide… Aug 1, 2018
gradlew chore(build): Gradle 4.7 Apr 23, 2018
gradlew.bat chore(build): Gradle 4.7 Apr 23, 2018
lombok.config feat(core): Version provider accounts/operations (#1820) Aug 24, 2017
settings.gradle feat(provider/cf): add provider skeleton with credentials management (#… Aug 14, 2018

Spinnaker Cloud Provider Service

Build Status

This service is the main integration point for Spinnaker cloud providers like AWS, GCE, CloudFoundry, Azure etc.

Developing with Intellij

To configure this repo as an Intellij project, run ./gradlew idea in the root directory.

Some of the modules make use of Lombok, which will compile correctly on its own. However, for Intellij to make sense of the Lombok annotations, you'll need to install the Lombok plugin as well as check 'enable' under annotation processing.


To start the JVM in debug mode, set the Java system property DEBUG=true:

./gradlew -DDEBUG=true

The JVM will then listen for a debugger to be attached on port 7102. The JVM will not wait for the debugger to be attached before starting Clouddriver; the relevant JVM arguments can be seen and modified as needed in build.gradle.