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message can creates upwards of 400GB/day in data. We do not believe
there is an adverse effect in changing the log level here. Info messages
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Spinnaker Cloud Provider Service

Build Status

This service is the main integration point for Spinnaker cloud providers like AWS, GCE, CloudFoundry, Azure etc.

Developing with Intellij

To configure this repo as an Intellij project, run ./gradlew idea in the root directory.

Some of the modules make use of Lombok, which will compile correctly on its own. However, for Intellij to make sense of the Lombok annotations, you'll need to install the Lombok plugin as well as check 'enable' under annotation processing.


To start the JVM in debug mode, set the Java system property DEBUG=true:

./gradlew -DDEBUG=true

The JVM will then listen for a debugger to be attached on port 7102. The JVM will not wait for the debugger to be attached before starting Clouddriver; the relevant JVM arguments can be seen and modified as needed in build.gradle.