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Spinnaker Documentation Special Interest Group

Meeting Info

Roles & Responsibilities of the SIG Leads

SIG Lead(s):

Brian Le
Technical Writer at Armory

Ben Klein
Technical Writer at Pivotal

David Dorbin
Technical Writer at Google

SIG Lead Responsibility

  • Coordinate communication.
  • Set meeting dates and objectives for the coming year.
  • Curate agenda for each meeting.
  • Raise awareness of documentation gaps, including stale docs, and invite appropriate participants.
  • Encourage and foster an inclusive environment.
  • Identify and develop resources (people or funding) in support of documentation for Spinnaker.



Documentation SIG is responsible for the direction and organization of the Spinnaker product documentation on The SIG's responsibilities do not include documentation related to the governance of Spinnaker. The SIG also acts as a place where users and developers can find collaborators and get help creating or modifying documentation.

SIG leads and members will develop, maintain, and prioritize a backlog of documentation projects and requests. These projects and requests are macro-level issues, such as organization. They are independent of releases and features. This prioritization will be published as the Documentation SIG Roadmap.

Scope of Work and Goals

  • Encourage Spinnaker adoption by creating helpful documentation.
  • Establish a common framework for evaluating and improving documentation.
  • Develop, encourage, and maintain a clearly defined structure and organization for the Spinnaker documentation.
  • Help developers and SIGs create documentation for new features in Spinnaker.
  • Propose and drive initiatives for code-driven doc generation.
  • Facilitate community contributions to the Spinnaker documentation by creating templates and style guides.
  • Maintain and improve the platform for building and publishing
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