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Community documentation for Spinnaker

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Spinnaker Governance

Welcome to the Spinnaker Community!

This is the starting point for joining and contributing to the Spinnaker community. A good place to start is by viewing the Roadmap.

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This repository contains the following information:

How the Project Works

To learn more about the project structure and organization, please refer to the Project's Governance information.

Get Involved

Connect with us via:

Find Help for Spinnaker

If you're using Spinnaker and could not find your answer in the documentation, start with Slack. Many Spinnaker contributors and users are active on the Spinnaker Slack. It's a great place to get answers to questions or start a discussion about a feature or topic. Good places to begin on Slack include the following channels:

  • A SIG channel if there is a relevant one, such as #sig-security. All SIG slack channels start with the prefix sig.
  • A narrowly focused channel, such as #auth
  • #general for general questions and discussion
  • #dev for help contributing to Spinnaker

After engaging with the community to work through a problem, we encourage you to file an issue for the appropriate repo if you think it's needed. Reasons you might file an issue include the following:

  • Your problems are due to a bug or limitation that is not documented
  • The documentation for something is confusing
  • The behavior of a feature or field is unclear

File issues for Spinnaker here.

File issues for documentation here.


Community documentation for Spinnaker


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