A bakery for deployable images
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Build Status

A bakery for use by Spinnaker to produce machine images.

It presently supports producing Google Compute Engine images, AWS amis and Azure images. It relies on packer and can be easily extended to support additional platforms.

It exposes a REST api which can be experimented with via the Swagger UI: http://localhost:8087/swagger-ui.html

Developing rosco

Need to run rosco locally for development? Here's what you need to setup and run:

Environment Setup

git clone git@github.com:spinnaker/rosco.git
git clone git@github.com:spinnaker/spinnaker.git

Docker Setup (runs redis locally)

docker-machine create --virtualbox-disk-size 8192 --virtualbox-memory 8192 -d virtualbox spinnaker
eval $(docker-machine env spinnaker)
cd spinnaker/experimental/docker-compose
docker-compose up -d redis

Verify redis

docker run -it --link redis:redis --rm redis redis-cli -h redis -p 6379
(printf "PING\r\n";) | nc -v localhost 6379

IDE setup

Generate Intellij gradle project files

./gradlew idea

Apply groovy code formatting scheme

  1. Preferences -> Editor -> Code Style -> Manage ... -> Import -> select codestyle.xml from the project directory.
  2. Apply the 'spinnaker' scheme.

Running App

./gradlew bootRun


To start the JVM in debug mode, set the Java system property DEBUG=true:

./gradlew -DDEBUG=true

The JVM will then listen for a debugger to be attached on port 8187. The JVM will not wait for the debugger to be attached before starting Rosco; the relevant JVM arguments can be seen and modified as needed in build.gradle.


curl -v localhost:8087/bakeOptions



Docker teardown

docker-compose stop
docker-machine rm spinnaker