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kskewes and lwander feat(sponnet): Additional stages, execution options, application (#3635)
support, fixes

Add Pipeline ID required for `spin` CLI to save pipeline. This has come up in slack channels.
Manual judgment stage fix to match Spinnaker locality naming or typo? (judgment not judgement) and add input value array.

Refactor notifications to support Manual Judgment stage notifications
Add Check Preconditions stage
Add additional stage execution options. Time Window is basic.
Add additional pipeline options
Add ability to create Applications
Update README.

Verified app and pipeline save with `spin` CLI per updated instructions and both look ok in Deck.

Demo pipeline has become quite large and could be pared back a bit.
In practice one would refactor shared variables and sections out into separate file(s) for re-use by multiple apps/pipelines so leaving as is.
Latest commit 29733ca Dec 10, 2018

Sponnet demo

You will need the following:

  • The libsonnet files:

    curl -LO$(curl -s
    tar -xzvf sponnet.tar.gz && rm sponnet.tar.gz
  • The jsonnet executable

    # this is the linux link -- substitute with darwin for macos
    curl -LO$(curl -s
    chmod +x jsonnet
    sudo mv jsonnet /usr/local/bin/jsonnet

To build the demo application, run:

jsonnet demo-app.jsonnet

If you have the Spinnaker CLI installed (spin), you can save this application in Spinnaker by running:

jsonnet demo-app.jsonnet > demo-app.json && spin application save --file demo-app.json

To build the demo pipeline, run:

jsonnet demo-pipeline.jsonnet

If you have the Spinnaker CLI installed (spin), you can save this pipeline in Spinnaker by running:

jsonnet demo-pipeline.jsonnet > demo-pipeline.json && spin pipeline save --file demo-pipeline.json