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Minimal bash script for pair committing in git 🤜🤛
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Bash-only git pairing script. No external dependencies on Ruby, Python, Node, or any other runtime.


On macOS with homebrew:

brew install spinningarrow/tap/git-pair

On other OSes and package managers, copy the git-pair script somewhere on your $PATH.


  • See usage information:

      git pair help
  • Add a new person:

      git pair add

    and follow the prompts.

  • List existing people:

      git pair list
  • Set pairs:

      git pair set <nickname-1> [<nickname-2> <nickname-3> ... <nickname-n>]

    The nicknames are specified when adding a new person.

    By default, the script sets the configs globally. To set locally instead, pass the --local flag to set, e.g.

      git pair set --local person1 person2
  • Reset name and email to what it was before git pair was first used:

      git pair reset

    NOTE: This will only work if both name and email were set before git pair was used.

  • Show who is currently pairing:

      git pair show


Happy pairing!

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