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TWSG Clinics Map

A map of all the panel clinics for TWSG.


This repo contains several sub-projects:

  • /public: the main web app
  • /cleaner: to build the JSON file with the clinics data
  • /test: end-to-end tests

To install dependencies of the sub-projects, use nix-shell from Nix (optionally with direnv) or refer to the default.nix file in each project to see which dependencies to install manually.

For specific instructions for each sub-project, see below.


  1. Install the development tools (linting, code formatting and live server):

    npm install
  2. Make sure that your text editor or toolchain supports EditorConfig, ESLint, and Prettier.

  3. Develop locally by starting the live server:

    npm run start:dev

    Open localhost:8080 in your browser for development (and not or something else) to get Google Maps to load properly.


  1. Download (or copy from Dropbox) the Excel file containing the clinic details

  2. Rename it accordingly (check the Makefile)

  3. Run env GEOCODING_API_KEY=your-key-here make