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Get a new macOS system up and running.
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Tomorrow Night Bright.terminal


Get a new Mac up and running.


Run ./up.

For work computers, run ./ (it runs up and then some more commands)

Checklist for manual changes

  • Sharing: Computer name
  • Menu Bar: Battery percentage
  • Sound: Volume control in the menu bar
  • Bluetooth: Show in menu bar
  • Keyboard: Key repeat and delay rate
  • Keyboard: Full Keyboard Access for all controls
  • Keyboard: Remap Caps Lock to Ctrl
  • Keyboard: Shortcut for Invert Colors
  • Keyboard: Ctrl+scroll gesture for zooming
  • Trackpad: Check all settings
  • Trackpad: Three-finger drag
  • Chrome: Warn before quitting
  • Calendar: Set up accounts
  • Finder: show file extensions
  • Finder: change default folder
  • Finder: change default search scope
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