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An logic statement evaluator library written in haskell.

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All-logic provides a way for haskellers to use basic logic statements to build logical rules that can be used easily in haskell.

In order to simplify the library one can choose to use it as an interpreter that parses text files and gives back a Database that can be queried.

If speed is of the essence it's also possible to create a database directly from the datatypes in the ALogic.Core module.


The parser uses a quite simple syntax, for example:

$love romeo julia;
$love julia romeo;
$love peter julia;

$happy X <- $love X Y & $love Y X;
$unhappy X <- $love X Y &! $love Y X;
$jealous X Z <- ($love X Y & $love Z Y) & $love Y Z; 

Is pretty much equal to:

romeo love julia
julia love romeo
peter love julia

all X are happy where X love Y and Y love X
all X are unhappy where X love Y and not Y love X
all X are jealous of Z where X love Y and Z love Y and Y love Z


As an example the following program given that the file test.txt contains the above code gives back: Just [["peter","romeo"]]

import ALogic

main = do
    text <- readFile "test.txt"
    case compile text of
        Nothing -> putStrLn "Invalid query :("
        Just db -> print $ query db "jealous"
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