A cookiecutter template for an elasticsearch ingest processor plugin
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spinscale Upgrade to Elasticsearch 6.3.1
This also installs a gradle wrapper by default now, because you need
gradle 4.7, as gradle 4.8 currently has problems with the Elasticseearch
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A cookiecutter template for an Elasticsearch Ingest Processor

This should simplify the creation of Elasticsearch Ingest Processors, this template will set up

  • A processor class
  • A plugin class
  • A processor unit test
  • Two REST tests

All you need to run is

cookiecutter gh:spinscale/cookiecutter-elasticsearch-ingest-processor

This requests of four inputs, which are processor_type, description, developer_name and elasticsearch_version. Note that processor_type must be all lowercase and may only contain characters (no numbers, special chars).

Cookiecutter is a python tool, you can install it via pip install cookiecutter (or maybe use pip3 if on osx). You can read more about cookiecutter here

If you just want to create a plugin with all the default values, you can run cookiecutter with the --no-input parameter.