A howdoi implementation for node with more options and better text display (thanks to cheerio)
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Ask your computer how to do things from the command line.

Programming, server administration, system administration, general PC/Mac questions, math, even music all stackexchange sites supported.

Inspired by the original howdoi

Smaller, more full-featured, packed with extra options and not limited to code.


% howdoi learn to play bach
What a great question! I am currently working my way through the second book, 
so I have more specific opinions about that. Of those I've learnt from the first book, 
I found the following to be less tricky:

The C major prelude, of course. Curtis is right about the difficulty of the fugue, however.
c minor prelude and fugue are a good first pair to learn
http://music.stackexchange.com/questions/551/bachs-well-tempered-clavier-order (1/5)

Extra options

  • --engine google or duck [default: "google"]
  • --site comma separated stackexchange sites [default: ["stackoverflow.com","serverfault.com","superuser.com","askubuntu.com","*.stackexchange.com"]]
  • --result which search result [default: 1]
  • --answer which answer [default: 1]
  • --code extract only code [default: false]
  • --links show all links [default: false]
  • --color show response in ansi colored form [default: false]

Env variables

HTTP_PROXY - URL of proxy to use when making requests