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Html2Pdf Documentation



  • It is very important to provide valid HTML 4.01 to the converter, but only what is in the <body>.

  • Use the <page> tag. Does not use the <html> or <body> tag.

  • for borders: it is advised that they are like solid 1mm #000000

  • for padding, they are applicable only on tags table, th, td, div, li

  • A default font can be specified, if the requested font does not exist or if no font is specified: $html2pdf->setDefaultFont('Arial');

  • The possibility to protect your PDF is present, CF Example 7.

  • Some tests can be enabled (true) or disabled (false):

    • setTestIsImage method: test that images must exist
    • setTestTdInOnePage method: test that the contents of TDs fit on one page
  • A DEBUG mode to know the resources used is present. It is activated by adding the following command just after the contructor (see Example 0): $html2pdf->setModeDebug();

  • Some specific tags have been introduced:

    • <page></page> (CF Example 7)

      • Determines the orientation, margins left, right, top and bottom, the background image and the background color of a page, its size and position, the footer.
      • It is also possible to keep the header and footer of the previous pages, through the attribut pageset="old" (see Example 3 & 4)
    • <page_header></page_header> (CF Example 3)

    • <page_footer></page_footer> (CF Example 3)

    • <nobreak></nobreak>

      • Used to force the display of a section on the same page.
      • If this section does not fit into the rest of the page, a page break is done before.
    • <barcode></barcode> (CF Examples 0 & 9)

      • Can insert barcodes in pdfs, CF Examples 0 and 9.
      • the possible types of codebar are alls of TCPDF.
    • <qrcode></qrcode> (CF Example 13)

      • can insert QRcode 2D barcodes
      • (QR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED)
    • <bookmark></bookmark> (CF Examples 7 & About)

      • Can insert bookmark in pdfs, CF Example 7 and About.
      • It is also possible to automatically create an index at the end of document (CF Example About)
    • <end_last_page end_height="30mm"></end_last_page> (CF Example 5)

    • css property rotate:

      • Values : 0, 90, 180, 270
      • Works only on div (cf example 8)