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Scheduler Simulator Environment
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Estee is a discrete event simulator for executing task graphs in distributed environments. It is mainly designed for benchmarking and experimenting with schedulers. Estee is created as an open-ended simulator; most of its components can be extended or replaced by a custom implementation. It is possible to experiment with different kinds of schedulers, workers, and network models. Estee comes with battery-included and provides a standard implementation for all its components.



python3 install

Hello world example

The following example creates a simple task graph, instantiates a network model and the simulator and executes the task with one of build-in schedulers.

from estee.common import TaskGraph
from estee.schedulers import BlevelGtScheduler
from estee.simulator import Simulator, Worker, MaxMinFlowNetModel

# Create task graph containing 3 tasks
# (each task runs 1s and requires 1 CPU)
#     t0
#     | (50MB output)
#    / \
#  t1   t2
task_graph = TaskGraph()
t0 = task_graph.new_task(duration=1, cpus=1, output_size=50)
t1 = task_graph.new_task(duration=1, cpus=1)
t2 = task_graph.new_task(duration=1, cpus=1)

# Create B-level scheduler
scheduler = BlevelGtScheduler()

# Define cluster with 2 workers (1 CPU each)
workers = [Worker(cpus=1) for _ in range(2)]

# Define MaxMinFlow network model (100MB/s)
netmodel = MaxMinFlowNetModel(bandwidth=100)

# Create a simulator
simulator = Simulator(task_graph, workers, scheduler, netmodel, trace=True)

# Run simulation, returns the makespan in seconds
makespan =

# Print simulation time
print("Task graph execution makespan = {}s".format(makespan))


Displying trace.json in Chrome profiler

Built-in implementations

Built-in schedulers

  • Blevel (HLFET)
  • Tlevel
  • DLS
  • ETF
  • LAST
  • MCP
  • Simple genetic algorithm based scheduler
  • Simple work stealing scheduler
  • Camp2

Built-in network models

  • MaxMin flow model (MaxMinFlowNetModel)
  • All downloads runs at full speed (SimpleNetModel)
  • Instant communication (InstantNetModel)
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