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Generator of API documentation for Python
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Nedoc (Non-Evaluating Documentation)

Nedoc is a generator of API documentation for Python 3 with the following features:

  • Your code is not executed; Your program and its dependencies do not have to be installed.
  • Nedoc tracks which methods were overridden and show it in the documentation.
  • Inheritance of docstrings for overridden methods is supported.
  • Nedoc tracks what and where was reimported.
  • Resulting documentation is a set of static HTML files.



$ pip3 install nedoc

Getting started (short version)

python3 -m nedoc init MyProjectName /path/to/project
python3 -m nedoc build
firefox html/index.html

Getting started (longer version)

First, we need to generate nedoc.conf; PathToProject should lead to the toplevel directory with Python source codes (usually the directory containing toplevel; however, does not have to exist).

python3 -m nedoc init <ProjectName> <PathToProject>

The command creates nedoc.conf in the current working directory. You can edit it for more customized settings.

The documentation is built by the following command:

python3 -m nedoc build

By default, you can find the results in html directory.

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