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Empire is a view renderer for flatiron. It provides a mechanism to easily render a named view from a route handler.

Quick Start

Empire is implemented as a Broadway plugin, so you can simply app.use() it:

var flatiron = require('flatiron'),
    empire = require('empire'),
    app =;


app.use(empire, {
    viewdir: __dirname + '/views'

app.router.get('/', function () {
  app.render(this.res, 'index', {});



The empire plugin has the following options, which may be passed into app.use()


A string containing the directory to search for view templates.


The compiler is an object used to compile view templates into Javascript functions. It should hove two properties:

  extension : 'jade',
  compile : function (template) {
    return jade.compile(template);

extension is a string which will be used as the file extension while looking for view templates. compile is a function which accepts the contents of the view template file and returns a function which should take a context and return the rendered HTML.

If none is specified, and the jade module is available, the default jade compiler will be used. (The Jade compiler is also exported as empire.jade if you want to specify it explicitly).


If you want to provide pre-compiled views, you can pass them in via the options. The views are simply an object which map the view name to the function returned by the compiler's compile function. The view function should take a single context object, as passed into render().