A Stitch plugin for compiling Jade templates.
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A Jade plugin for Stitch

A simple plugin for Stitch which allows you to include pre-compiled Jade templates in your Stitch packages.


Add a Jade template to your existing Stitch package, with a ".jade" extension:

h1 #{title}

Include the stitch_jade plugin in your Express.js server:

stitch = require('stitch')

clientApp = stitch.createPackage()

# etc... 

Call it in your client code:

myHeader = require('templates/my_header')

$(document).ready( -> 
    $('body').html(myHeader.render(title: "My Page!")) 

Note that the value returned by require is an object with a render function, which is mapped to the anonymous function returned by Jade's compiler.


The server-side register() function takes an optional second argument, which is the options object to pass into jade.compile(). The default value is {client: true}.

If you pass in your own options, you should be careful to include client: true in the options, if you only want to depend on the client runtime.js library from Jade.