Create rcon connections using websockets
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Create rcon connections using websockets


WebRcon consists of a sourcemod plugin that accepts websocket connections and allows rcon commands to be send over the socket.

Download Plugin

Requires websocket


Authentication of the websocket connection is done by sending the password as the first message over the socket, if authentication is successfull the server will respond with "authenticated"

The provided password is checked against two server vars

  • rcon_password - the regular rcon password
  • sm_webrcon_key - the webrcon only password, allows keeping the webrcon seperate from the one used for regular connections

JS Client

WebRcon comes with a javascript client which runs in nodejs or the browser (trough browserify/webpack/etc)

npm install --save webrcon


import Rcon from 'webrcon';

const rcon = new Rcon('', 'secret_rcon_password');

(async () => {
	const result = await rcon.status();
	console.log(result); // { name: 'UGC Highlander Match', map: 'pl_badwater', players: [] }


  • status(): Promise<Object> get server status including players
  • getSVar(string: name): Promise<String> get the value of a server var
  • setSVar(string: name, string: value): Promise set the value of a server var
  • changeLevel(string: level): Promise change the level
  • sendString(string: command): Promise<string> send a raw rcon command