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Spirit-Core is a Timetabling-Tool prototype for the faculty 
of computer science at the applied university of smalcalda in thuringia, 
germany. The whole project was written in Haskell, a functional programming

Programm Requirements:
- Linux or Windows
- The Glasgow Haskell Compiler from
- Cabal from

Structure of the faculty:

- The faculty offers five different courses of studies.
- The courses of studies are forked into groups.
- The groups can have lectures with other groups from different courses of
- A lecture can have more than one lecturer. The lecture has also a list of 
  equipment which is needed for a lesson.
- A room has a number of seats and different equipment, for example a beamer or
- Every lecturer has special days in a normal workweek in which he has to 
  be at the faculty. The lecturers can even choose the days at the beginning
  of a semester. They can also choose the timeslots when they want to 
  give a lesson.
- The applied university has some rooms with different sizes and also
  different equipment which can be used by the faculties.

How does the prototype work:

Step 1:
 - The programm generates a list of all lectures with all possible rooms,
   days, timeslots etc..

Step 2:
 - Then a list of lists with some different possibilities for one lecture
   is generated.

Step 3: 
 - After that the lectures will be sorted by the size of the groups which 
   are part of the lecture. That`s very important because now the programm
   tries to schedule the biggest lecture at first. Also the lectures will 
   be sorted by room-economy. 

Step 4:
 - Now there is no way for more constrains on the lectures.
   Building the cross product for the entire list, will return a List
   with valid and non-valid schedules.

Step 5:
 - In the last step we filter the list by clashes between room, day, time 
   students and lecturers. The result is a list with all valid 


 - You can use the makefile in the project-dir

  $ make
  $ make install
  $ ./spiritcore

 - follow the instruction on the Cabal-site