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This project was done with little knowledge on Scala and Lift! Some parts of the code should not be taken as best practice examples or examples at all. Refactoring is planned.

Thank you for reading!

What is Spirit?

Spirit-News is a simple blogging system for the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden!

First lines of code were produced by students during a course on functional programming by Professor Braun. Professor Braun is always seeking for students to improve code and functionality in this open source project!


  • Auth against internal university LDAP Server
  • Using Lift 2.5, Scala 2.10.2 and Java 7 and MongoDB
  • News will be directly posted on Twitter and Facebook
  • Students can be notified via mailinglists
  • lots more.....

In the future it is planned to create a plattform for students, where they can log in, read news ( which is possible now ) and manage their schedule and hopefully a lot more!

NOTICE: You have to install mongodb and start the daemon. Then add the spirit_news database and the spirit_news user thefollowing way:

$ mongo
> use spirit_news
> db.addUser('spirit_news','spirit_news')
> exit

We know there is lots of room for improvement on the code. But most people working on it just started with real world programming, so don't be to hard on us ;)!

Ideas, friendly critisism and bugs are always welcomed!

Live version running at

Running it on your local machine requires you to have a working Simple Build Tool installation.


$ sbt
> update
> container:start

Then open http://localhost:8080/ in your favourite browser.


$ sbt
> test

This will run the Specs from NewsSpec.scala, you will need a running MongoDB for them. Please be aware that this test will drop the Databases for Spirit-News when it is done.

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