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PSGI web server on Apache2

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This is Apache2 module mod_psgi.

* Install

    % ./configure
    % make
    % sudo make install

You can specify apxs, apachectl and perl as follows:

    % ./configure \
        --with-apxs=/path/to/apxs \
        --with-apachectl=/path/to/apachectl \

Then activate it in Apache's httpd.conf file for instance
for the URL /psgi in as follows:

    # httpd.conf
    LoadModule psgi_module modules/
    <Location /psgi>
      SetHandler psgi
      PSGIApp /path/to/app.psgi

Then after restarting Apache via

    $ apachectl restart

* Spec

    * PSGIApp files are loaded by 'do $file' at the time of startup parent process.
    The file must return a code reference that is a PSGI application.

    * The input stream ($env->{'psgi.input'}) is not seekable.
    $env->{'psgi.input'}->seek($pos, $whence) raises an error.

* References

    * Repository:

    * PSGI/Plack:

    * PSGI specification:

* License

See the 'LICENSE' file.

* Author

Jiro Nishiguchi <>
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