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Helper to extract an equirectangular panorama PNG from any three.js scene.

Here's a demo with some cubes: Demo

How to use

Include script after THREE is included

<script src="CubemapToEquirectangular.js"></script>

or use npm to install it

npm i three.cubemap-to-equirectangular

and include it in your code with (remember to require three.js)

var THREE = require('three');
var CubemapToEquirectangular = require('three.cubemap-to-equirectangular');

Define a new instance of THREE.CubemapToEquirectangular.

// create renderer, scene, camera, etc.
var renderer = new THREE.WebGLRenderer();
var scene = new THREE.Scene();
var camera = new THREE.Camera( /* ... */ );

// Create a managed CubemapToEquirectangular
var equiManaged = new CubemapToEquirectangular( renderer, true );

// or create an unmanaged CubemapToEquirectangular
var equiUnmanaged = new CubemapToEquirectangular( renderer, false );

Managed CubemapToEquirectangular

With Managed mode, the THREE.CubeCamera creation, update, render, etc. is all taken care of. You only have to call:

equiManaged.update( camera, scene );

at any point in your code that you want to extract a panorama. The cube map created will be 2048x2048 and the exported panorama will be 4096x2048. Note: The cubemap can easily be 4096x4096, but that seems to work on most mobiles, too

Demo of Managed mode: Demo

Unmanaged CubemapToEquirectangular

If you want to use a different CubeMap camera, or do something custom with the render, you will have to set the Unmanaged mode.

You will have to create and manage your THREE.CubeCamera:

var cubeCamera = new THREE.CubeCamera( .1, 1000, 4096 );

and manage all your scene update and rendering. When you want to export a panorama, call:

// this is where the developer updates the scene and creates a cubemap of the scene
cubeCamera.position.copy( camera.position );
cubeCamera.updateCubeMap( renderer, scene );

// call this to convert the cubemap rendertarget to a panorama
equiUnmanaged.convert( cubeCamera );

Demo of Unmanaged mode: Demo

Changing output size

To export a different size, call setSize( width, height ):

equi.setSize( 2048, 1024 );


Built using ES6 template strings. Needs canvas.toBlob, polyfill in the examples folder


  • Fix for Android (if it's a relevant use case) (seems to work with 2048x2048)
  • Check for mobile (if it's a relevant use case)
  • Add importance sampling (improves quality of output)
  • Handle postprocessing
  • Handle Safari not supporting download attribute
  • Let users have more control over file name, callbacks, progress


MIT licensed

Copyright (C) 2016 Jaume Sanchez Elias,


Export an equirectangular panorama image from a three.js scene







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