Google Chrome DevTools extension to view and hopefully interact with the routing graph of Web Audio API
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Web Audio API Editor Extension for Google Chrome

Google Chrome DevTools extension to view and hopefully interact with the routing graph of Web Audio API. Very much based on Firefox DevTools Web Audio Editor.

Twin project of WebGL GLSL Shader Editor Extension for Google Chrome

Web Audio Editor Web Audio Editor

Some more info about this project: WebAudio-Hook demos

Included in the folder wa-hookis the project with the library that instruments a bit more of the AudioContext, and adds interactivty with a few nodes, through DAT.GUI.

How to install

While in beta, you can load the extension from disk directly:

  • Checkout the repo
  • Open Chrome's Extensions page (Settings / More tools / Extensions)
  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Click on Load unpacked extension…
  • Select the folder /src in the checked out project

Alternatively, you can pack the extension yourself and load by dropping the .crx file in the Extensions page.

How to use

  • Browse to a page with Web Audio content (you can find many here, here and here)
  • Open DevTools
  • Select the Web Audio tab
  • The extension needs to instrument AudioContext, so the inspected tab has to be reloaded with the script injected. Hit the Reload button.
  • If there are calls to create nodes and connect them, the UI will show a graph


As always: forks, pull requests and code critiques are welcome!

  • Support all AudioNode types #2
  • Support AudioParam #3
  • Connect panel frontend with Web Audio backend #1

Nice to have:

  • Add 3D representation of AudioPanners and AudioListener #4
  • Provide analysis of graph, warnings about unnecessary constructions
  • Store output
  • Live patching


  • v1.0.0 initial release


MIT licensed

Copyright (C) 2015 Jaume Sanchez Elias,