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Futurospective Mobile Client

This repository contains the code for the mobile client of futurospective.

Futurospective is a time-capsule app that lets users leave messages to themselves in the future.

For more details go to

About this repo

This is a React Native application built with Node 6.

The Delorean icon is a free Vector Graphics by


This installation has been tested on OSX 10.12.5.

Install Xcode and Android

Follow the installation steps documented on React Native's website for Xcode and Android:

Cloning and installing Node

To clone and run this application you'll need Git, Homebrew and NVM. Then run the commands below.

# Clone the repository
$ git clone

# Go into the repository
$ cd futurospective-mobile

# Install Node via NVM. This will install the version mentioned in the .nvmrc file.
$ nvm install

# Install watchman - Watchman is a tool by Facebook for watching changes in the filesystem. It is highly recommended you install it for better performance.
$ brew install watchman

Install React Native CLI and the dependencies

The React Native CLI will let you start your mobile client from your terminal.

# Install the React Native CLI globally
$ npm install -g react-native-cli

# Install dependencies
$ yarn

Running tests

# Static type checking with flow
$ npm run flow
# Linting
$ npm run lint

Testing with npm test is currently broken - haven't had the time to get my head around this yet as Enzyme does not support react v16-alpha (which makes total sense).


  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Make changes on the develop branch.
  3. Please write a meaningful commit message, try to use 80 chars lines.
  4. Submit a pull request.


Released under MIT License