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bluetooth iPhone analog joystick
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virtual reality controller

Most games seemingly insist on incorporating keyboard-movement in virtual reality, despite the presence (VR immersion) that the Oculus Rift delivers basically falls apart when keyboard-walking jerks the user out of their place. Analog sticks solve this problem, and since smartphones outnumber joysticks [citation needed] nobody needs to get jerked around.

not for gaming

gamers are used to being jerked around (hah). (no, seriously) this controller is slow, and you will get fragged.


creates a virtual HID joystick with 3 analog axis (pitch, roll, yaw) mapped to the orientation sensors in the phone

  • only works in joystick-enabled games


  1. run OSX app (it’s a status bar app), it auto-begins searching for a device
  2. connect through the iOS app (for connection status check OSX app)


hold the phone like a cafeteria tray, with the home button on the right

axis map

  • 1: pitch
  • 2: roll
  • 3: yaw

###touch screen to re-calibrate joystick

it’s helpful to re-calibrate your physical orientation against gravity. a screen touch forces the identity matrix on the controller, release and the device is facing (the new) forward.

#thank you

Virtual HID driver by Alexandr Serkov (alxn1)



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