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A "plugin" for QUnit to dispatch events at test/module/run start and done
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QUnit provides DOM Level 0 style placeholder functions you can override to hook into interesting points in the test run cycle. However, just like DOM Level 0 event handlers, you can only have one handler for given function at a time.

This "plugin" implements an event-dispatching mechanism on top of those placeholder functions:


QUnit.testDone = function(data) {


QUnit.on('test-done', function(data) {

The big advantage of this approach is that you can register as many test-done (or other event) handlers as you like.


Simply load qunit-events.js after the main qunit.js file:

<script src="lib/qunit/qunit.js"></script>
<script src="lib/qunit-events/qunit-events.js"></script>


Supported events:

  • log: called whenever an assertion is completed
  • begin: called once before running any tests
  • test-start: called whenever a new test batch of assertions starts running
  • test-done: called whenever a batch of assertions finishes running
  • module-start: called whenever a new module of tests starts running
  • module-done: called whenever a module finishes running
  • done: called whenever all the tests have finished running

The argument sent to the event handler are exactly the same as the QUnit placeholder functions (i.e. an object with various properties). See QUnit documentation for more details.

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