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Bindings for GObject Introspection and libgirepository for Guile
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Guile GI

Build Status

This is a library for GNU Guile to create language bindings via GObject Introspection.

GNU Guile is an implementation of Scheme, which is a Lisp-like language. This library allows Guile to use GObject-based libraries -- such as GTK+3, GLib, and WebKit2 -- by generating a Scheme API from the GObject Introspection information provided by those libraries.

This is alpha code. It is lightly documented. The API is stabilizing, but may still be subject to change.

Guile GI has two primary components.

  • The gi scheme modules: guile modules that provide functionality to dynamically generate Scheme API from GObject typelib files

  • or libguile-gi.dll: a compiled module that contains glue code to interface with GObject

To create bindings, use the use-typelibs syntax found in the (gi) library.

For the moment, the docs are at


guix environment --ad-hoc -l guix.scm guile
guile-gi examples/browser.scm

Or, create and run in a development environment

guix environment -l guix.scm
./bootstrap && ./configure && make
tools/uninstalled-env tools/guile-gi examples/browser.scm
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