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The dataset contains hyperspectral images for of minnow fishes with the objective of investigating if freshness of the fish can be estimated using hyperspectral imaging.

Dataset description

-One fish was obtained and imaged on 8/6. Afterwards it were stored in the deep freeze

-The fish was defrosted and imaged on 9/6. The fish was subsequently stored in normal cooling conditions

-The fish was defrosted and imaged on 12/6.

-The fish was defrosted and imaged on 14/6.


-For each case, a hyperspectral image of 25 bands was acquired in the wavelength 680-970nm. Individual bands are stored in the Bands folder

-Then five different regions of the fish (shown in selection.tiff) were selected and the corresponding spectral profile for each pixel was extracted.

-The extracted spectral profiles were stored as plots and in csv files (spectrum.tiff and vals_dayX.csv)

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