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This repository contains all the configuration files and scripts that I (Sean Leather) use with Vim across various platforms.


Run the script.

The Details

You should create the appropriate links to each of the files or directories in this repository. The following files on the left should be linked to the locations on the right.

vimrc.vim - the primary configuration file

  • Mac, Unix: $HOME/.vimrc
  • Win: $HOME/_vimrc

vimfiles - directory of Vim configuration files

  • Mac, Unix: $HOME/.vim
  • Win: $HOME/vimfiles

bin/macvim - command-line script chooses gvim or gvimdiff for MacVim

  • Mac: $HOME/bin/gvim and $HOME/bin/gvimdiff


To add a new submodule as a bundle, use the following instructions.

  1. Add the git submodule with this command (template):

    $ git submodule add <repository> vimfiles/bundle/<name>

    Always use https:// for the repository protocol (and not git@) to avoid requiring authentication on hosts for which you don't have your SSH public key shared.

  2. Commit the changed .gitmodules and the new vimfiles/bundle directory (which appears as a "new file") with this command (template):

    $ git commit -m "Add <name> bundle"