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modicms, pronounced "modicum", is a simple content management system that generates static files. File processing is handled with a pipeline metaphor. modicms will iterate through files in a given directory and its subdirectories and pass the files through a pipeline.

Example Configuration

from modicms import *

(Scan('source') >> MatchPath()
    .match('\.md$', Read() >>
                    ParseHeaders() >>
                    InterpretMarkdown() >>
                    WrapInMako('basic.mako') >>
    .match('\.(css|js)$', CopyTo('/var/www'))

The configuration above will scan through files in source and its subdirectories and process each file depending on its extension. For CSS and JavaScript, the file will be copied directly to its corresponding location in the output root (so source/js/test.js will become /var/www/js/test.js).

Markdown files, on the other hand, will be processed with a more involved pipeline. Each file's contents will be read in, metadata headers will be parsed, markdown will be converted to HTML, which is then wrapped using a template written in mako, before finally being written out to file.