Presentation code from ApacheCon EU 2012 - When Camel meets CDI.
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When Camel meets cdi

This reporitory contains code presented during ApacheCon EU 2012.

  • simple-cdi First project with basic service and servlet.
  • demo1 Camel route with timer endpoint and CDI bean invocation + unit test.
  • demo2 Camel http transport servlet plus route calling EJB bean.

All these demos are packaged as WAR files after instalation (please use maven for building). For Tom EE use profile 'tomee'.

Launching examples

To run examples you might use any JEE 6 compatible server with Web Profile compability. Examples were tested with JBoss SwitchYard 0.6.

Known problems:

  • Tom EE 1.5 (Web Profile) doesn't like demo1 decorator call. It doesn't like demo2 either and throws UnknownContainerException. Simple demo goes well.
  • Glassfish 3.1.2 (Web Profile) doesn't like decorators. Deploys well without it. Second demo doesn't work. Even simple demo doesn't work.

Camel used in examples 2.11-SNAPSHOT.