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redmine/chilliproject plugin that allows marking projects as "featured"

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Redmine/Chiliproject Featured Projects Plugin

This plugin allows the redmine/chiliproject administrator to mark any project he wants as “featured” (notice that this is an “admin” right, not a project administrator right).

It also changes the redmine home page to show a “featured projects” box. This box replaces the default “Latest projects” box.

Finally, it adds two named scopes to Project: Project.featured and Project.not_featured

This plugin can be used in consonance with our Redmine Project Filtering plugin ( )


  1. Copy the plugin directory into the vendor/plugins directory

  2. Migrate plugin: rake db:migrate_plugins

  3. Start Redmine

Installed plugins are listed and can be configured from 'Admin -> Plugins' screen.


Development of this plugin was financed by the Open Hardware Repository -

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