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Live demo is available at


  1. Clone git repo locally, then

    cd contenta_react_next
    make install
    make up
  2. Profit! You can open the application on http://app.docker.localhost.

What's included?

  1. Local development environment based on docker.
  2. Set of make commands for faster local development.
  3. Eslint support.
  4. Configured Next.js application.
  5. Scss framework with ability to put .scss files per component.
  6. Live reload for all js / css changes.
  7. Redux (with devtools) + Redux Saga configured.
  8. Basic robots.txt.
  9. Beautiful animation for pages transition.

Command list

  • make install - installs the whole application locally.
  • make up - runs the application in console debug mode.
  • make stop - pauses the application.
  • make down - completely stops the application and removes docker containers.
  • make restart - restarts the application containers.
  • make lint - checks coding standards and fixes issues if possible.
  • make deploy - deploys the application to Now server (NOTE: You'll need to have Now CLI installed)
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