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This is currently un-released, unstable, BETA software! Don't try to use it just yet.

This is a sourcemod plugin for dealing with abusive players. It's name has "smart" in it because it tries to help admins deal with these reports by:

  • Storing a 'weight' to a report (by default all reports are weight 1 - but you can implement your own function to compute weights)
  • Automatically recording to a demo (via tv_record) if there are enough reports (i.e. enough weight applied by reports) for a player

When a player files a report, the weight of the report is calculated. Each player stores a total reported weight that tracks the sum of report weights against them. Once this reaches the demo threshold, a demo is created.

Additionally, a player has a reputation field, which represents how much they report. It starts at 10.0, and goes down with each report. (How much it goes down is a function of the report weight). If a player has a negative-valued reputation, their reports are ignored. This prevents report spam, and is invisible to the end user.

Over time, the reputation for a player slowly rises and the weight held against them slowly declines.

Note: this plugin only supports CS:GO

While I consider it smart to do these and a step up from some other plugins, the main design decision is to keep it simple, stupid. As such this plugin is quite simple in its implementation. If you want a more complete reporting solution, check out CallAdmin. I don't plan on duplicating its features. This plugin was meant to solve my personal problem of not being around on my servers, so a steam message about a hacker did me no good. I needed a demo.

For now, this is only the plugin code. In the future I may add some helper scripts to fetch demo files, add support to zip & upload demo files, or a web interface to view the player report tables. If you're interested in any of these, let me know in the Issues Section.

Player Commands

All of the following can be used by players on the server:

  • .report
  • !report
  • /report
  • /report playername
  • sm_report
  • sm_report playername
  • !report playername


Stable releases are in the GitHub Releases section.


Only Sourcemod 1.7 is supported.

Unpack the file and copy the plugin binary smart-player-reports.smx to your plugins folder. When the plugin starts up for the first time, it will create csgo/cfg/sourcemod/smart-player-reports.cfg, which you will most likely want to tweak.


  • sm_spr_database_name: database in databases.cfg to use (default "smart_player_reports")
  • sm_spr_demo_duration: after how long should a demo be stopped "(default 240.0")
  • sm_spr_weight_source_plugin_filename: what plugin, if any, is providing a ReportWeight function (default "", where each report has weight 1.0)
  • sm_spr_weight_to_demo: how much report weight is needed to create a demo (default 10.0)
  • sm_spr_reputation_recovery_per_minute
  • sm_spr_reputation_loss_constant
  • sm_spr_weight_decay_per_minute

For plugin developers

An important cvar is sm_spr_weight_source_plugin_filename. This defines a plugin name (with the .smx at the end!) that is supplying a function public float ReportWeight(int client, int victim).

Example from example.sp

 * All you need to do is add a function like this with the same name and signature.
 * A 0-weight report will generally have no effect (though it IS reported)
 * and negative-weight reports have no effect and are NOT reported.
 * Users are fully unaware of the weight of their report
 * You can do anything you want inside this function!
public float ReportWeight(int client, int victim) {
    float weight = 1.0;

    // Count admins more heavily
    if (IsAdmin(client))
        weight += 2.0;

    // If no admin on the server, count reports more
    bool admin_on_server = false;
    for (int i = 1; i <= MaxClients; i++) {
        if (IsAdmin(i)) {
            admin_on_server = true;
    if (!admin_on_server)
        weight += 2.0;

    // You could even count reporters with a short steam ID more!
    decl String:steamid[64];
    if (GetClientAuthString(client, steamid, sizeof(steamid)) && strlen(steamid) < 10)
        weight += 1.0;

    return weight;

Note that the function name must be ReportWeight.

GOTV demos

You need to enable gotv to use the demo-recording feature. Adding the following to your server.cfg will work:

tv_enable 1
tv_delaymapchange 0
tv_delay 30
tv_deltacache 2
tv_dispatchmode 1
tv_maxclients 1
tv_maxrate 0
tv_overridemaster 0
tv_relayvoice 1
tv_snapshotrate 20
tv_timeout 60
tv_transmitall 1

Of course, you can tweak the values. tv_enable 1 must be on.

Using the MySQL database

mysql> describe spr_reports;
| Field            | Type         | Null | Key | Default           | Extra          |
| id               | int(11)      | NO   | PRI | NULL              | auto_increment |
| timestamp        | timestamp    | NO   |     | CURRENT_TIMESTAMP |                |
| reporter_steamid | varchar(72)  | NO   |     |                   |                |
| victim_name      | varchar(72)  | NO   |     |                   |                |
| victim_steamid   | varchar(72)  | NO   |     |                   |                |
| weight           | float        | NO   |     | 0                 |                |
| description      | varchar(256) | NO   |     |                   |                |
| server           | varchar(64)  | NO   |     |                   |                |
| demo             | varchar(128) | NO   |     |                   |                |

mysql> describe spr_players;
| Field             | Type        | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| steamid           | varchar(72) | NO   | PRI |         |       |
| name              | varchar(72) | NO   |     |         |       |
| reputation        | float       | NO   |     | 10      |       |
| cumulative_weight | float       | NO   |     | 0       |       |

Currently there are no tools for actually using the reports in the database. If you have any ideas, let me know in the Issues Section.

A simple php page with an login password would go a long way to making this more useful.


Sourcemod Plugin/library for better player reports




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