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ctags-objc-ja 958
variants universal depends_build {port:autoconf port:automake port:libtool} portdir devel/ctags-objc-ja description {ObjC enabled ctags with Japanese support} homepage epoch 0 platforms {darwin freebsd} name ctags-objc-ja long_description {Exuberant Ctags generates an index (or tag) file of source language objects in source files that allows these items to be quickly and easily located by a text editor or other utility. Alternatively, it can generate a cross reference file which lists, in human-readable form, information about the various objects found in a set of source code files. Supported languages include: Assembler, AWK, ASP, BETA, Bourne/Korn/Zsh Shell, C, C++, COBOL, Eiffel, Fortran, Java, Lisp, Lua, Make, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, REXX, Ruby, S-Lang, Scheme, Tcl, Vim and Yacc.} maintainers nomaintainer license unknown depends_extract bin:unzip:unzip categories devel version 20110201 revision 0
fmdiff 801
portdir devel/fmdiff description {Wrapper scripts for FileMerge} depends_fetch bin:svn:subversion homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name fmdiff license unknown maintainers long_description {Apple's Developer Tools for Mac OS X include FileMerge, a graphical tool to compare and merge files. FileMerge can be much handier to use, unfortunately, it doesn't integrate with Subversion straightforwardly. It can be opened from the command line with the opendiff command, but its interface differs from that of diff and diff3. It returns immediately (i.e. it forks and does not block) and it expects different arguments. Some wrapper scripts are thus required to call FileMerge from Subversion.} categories devel version 13456 revision 0
libfreenect 336
portdir devel/libfreenect description libfreenect depends_fetch bin:git:git-core homepage epoch 20101212 platforms darwin depends_lib {port:cmake port:libusb-devel} name libfreenect license unknown maintainers nomaintainer long_description libfreenect categories devel version bdd921 revision 0
macvim 562
variants {perl python python3 ruby ruby19 tcl cscope standalone universal} portdir editors/macvim description {MacVim is a port of the text editor Vim to Mac OS X.} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name macvim depends_lib {port:cmigemo port:gettext port:libiconv port:ncurses} long_description {MacVim supports multiple windows with tabbed editing and a host of other features. MacVim brings you the full power of Vim to Mac OS X.} maintainers nomaintainer license unknown categories editors version 20110721 revision 0
vimproc 350
variants universal portdir editors/vimproc description {Interactive command execution in Vim.} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name vimproc long_description {Interactive command execution in Vim.} license unknown maintainers nomaintainer depends_extract bin:unzip:unzip categories editors version v4.00 revision 5
stone 393
variants ssl portdir net/stone description {a TCP/IP repeater in the application layer} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name stone maintainers nomaintainer long_description {Stone is a TCP/IP repeater in the application layer. It repeats TCP and UDP from inside to outside of a firewall, or from outside to inside.} categories net version 2.3e revision 0
cmigemo 495
variants {utf8 universal} portdir textproc/cmigemo description {C/Migemo is a Japanese incremental search tool.} homepage epoch 0 name cmigemo depends_lib {bin:iconv:libiconv bin:nkf:nkf} long_description {C/Migemo is a set of a library and an application to search Japanese words incrementally, or a C version of Migemo originally written in Ruby.} license unknown maintainers nomaintainer depends_extract bin:unzip:unzip categories textproc version 20110227 revision 0