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MUDRammer — A Modern MUD Client

Download MUDRammer on the App Store

> invoke incantation of build status divination

You move a hand through a series of quick gestures,
your digits twinkling with eldritch potential.
Suddenly, some images form in your mind:

It's dangerous! Take this.

MUDRammer is a modern MUD client for iPhone and iPad focused on speed, accessibility, and flexibility. MUDRammer has been designed and developed by Jonathan Hersh since November 2012. MUDRammer's first App Store release in February 2013 was followed by 34 App Store updates as of May 2015 and an open-sourcing in June 2015.

MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) are online multiplayer text-based games. Thousands of players today are on hundreds of MUDs in all manner of worlds: fantasy, absurdist, sci-fi, horror, and more. Many MUDs have been continuously online for decades! MUDRammer includes a DefaultWorlds.plist with a few interesting default worlds you can try, or you can add your own.

MUDRammer is available for sale on the App Store. Although this repository will allow you to build and run MUDRammer from source, please purchase MUDRammer on the App Store to support continued development.

MUDRammer for iPhone

For Your Eyes Only

MUDRammer has been my personal passion project for years. It is an experiment to release my work under such a permissive license. If you use MUDRammer, please purchase a copy from the App Store rather than running it from source. If you want to create your own software based on MUDRammer, please make it meaningfully different and not just a clone. Please do not submit your own version of MUDRammer to the App Store.

Getting Started

You'll need Xcode 6.3 or newer.

  1. Install Homebrew if needed, and then brew update && brew install objc-codegenutils
  2. Clone this repo: git clone && cd MUDRammer
  3. rake setup will install RubyGems and CocoaPods. You will be prompted (one time only) to enter values for application secrets, like Hockey API keys. These values are stored securely in the OS X keychain. You can enter a blank space or - for these. You should run rake setup after updating your local copy from upstream.
  4. open src/Mudrammer.xcworkspace to build and run. Make sure to select the MUDRammer Dev Xcode scheme.

Additional rake tasks include:

Task Description
rake gems Installs RubyGems.
rake pods Installs CocoaPods.
rake setup Runs rake gems and rake pods and wipes the build output folder.
rake test Builds MUDRammer and runs all tests (minimalistic RSpec-style output).
rake lint Lints MUDRammer with various static analyzers.
rake code Generates and prints a single code redeemable on the iTunes store for a free copy of MUDRammer.
rake ws Strips trailing whitespace from all project source files. Requires these Swift playgrounds.


  • MUDRammer builds with the iOS 8 SDK and has a minimum deployment target of iOS 7. MUDRammer will soon build with the iOS 9 SDK and require a minimum deployment target of iOS 8: #254
  • The project's CFBundleShortVersionString is trolololol and its CFBundleVersion is 1337. These values are intentionally obvious to indicate Debug builds. The correct marketing version and build numbers are filled in by Jenkins at release build time by my build script, SSBuild.
  • MUDRammer has a separate app icon to distinguish Debug builds, no code required!


Pull requests are welcome! Fork the repo and make your changes on a branch. You can run rake test locally to ensure the tests pass before opening a pull request.


MUDRammer's source code is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more details.

Although technically permitted by the license terms, please do not submit your own version of MUDRammer to the App Store.

Fonts, images, and sounds bundled with MUDRammer are licensed free for commercial use.

About the Name

I've been very fortunate in my years of mudding to have met people from all over the world. One of my more colorful Dutch mudding acquaintances has played for years with a character named "Mudrammer". It is a ridiculous and silly name, but it still makes me 😆


Jonathan Hersh


A Modern MUD Client for iPhone and iPad.







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