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Bequest is [an iOS app] of type [developer utility] that [creates and replays HTTP/S requests].


Major goals:

  1. Universal app (iPhone and iPad)
  2. 💯% Swift (excluding Pods)
  3. Developed and maintained open-source at this location
  4. Released on the App Store for the gasp-inducingly phone-grabbingly TouchID-pressingly price of $0.99

(Are goals 3 and 4 mutually exclusive? Stay tuned to find out!)

Major features:

  • Create an HTTP/S request with:
    • A URL
    • A method (GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, or any custom value)
    • Zero or more headers
    • Zero or more parameters
    • A standard or custom User Agent
    • ...?
  • View the response including:
    • Headers
    • Text contents
    • An option to render the response in a webview
    • Open in other apps(?)
  • Save the request to be replayed later
  • Display and restore saved requests

Nice to have:

  • Search saved requests by URL, header, parameter
  • Syntax highlighting for response text
  • Prettify/auto-indent response HTML/JSON/XML
  • CloudKit as saved request storage
  • Something nicer to look at than a spinner and text label while it's loading
  • A slick app icon with a "B" and an arrow or something EVEN CRAZIER

Yacht features:

(As in, we'll build them from the deck of our yacht that we bought after releasing Bequest)

  • Response asset loading timeline (waterfall)

Getting Started

Bequest is now a thing that exists! After cloning the repo:

Task Description
rake setup Install Rubygems and CocoaPods.
rake test Run all tests.
rake lint Lints Bequest with various static analyzers.

Would you like to contribute? Send a pull request -- fix a typo in the readme, update spacing, write a feature -- and then add your name below.

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